attackonmycat asked:

hi, I'm not sure who i'm asking this but, I was wondering if you would answer me this question. Why are so many women so reluctant to enter the weight room? It seems as though there is always a huge imbalance of men vs women in almost any gym I go to when it comes to the weight room. You see a variety of physiques when it comes to the men lifting, but the few women found are almost always veterans of lifting and in great shape. What do you think causes this?


I think its a lot to do with self confidence, you don’t find many woman going down to the gym regardless of them using the weight room or not due to the fact they are intimidated by it. And when it comes to the weight room i think that it is down to a couple of things, firstly there is a belief that if they use weights then they will gain huge mass and not look ‘attractive’ in their eyes, and secondly i’m not sure woman have the same understanding of weights and how to use them correctly to gain the body they want. They stick to cardio and wont consider weights as an option to help them out simply because they don’t know! Thats just how i see it anyway! Good thought there though! Cheers!